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Designs For You Baskets


My work is about showing pride in what I do and being accountable to my customers.  For me it is about

building real, honest relationships with my customers. It is always my goal to ensure that each basket represents my interpretation of a person from simply a phone call or an email, which allows me to “create your wishes’ in a basket. It’s about integrity, it’s about knowing that when a basket has been made that I have given to each customer the very best of myself.

A beautiful customized gift basket should be about the uniqueness to the gift, the element of surprise, the “Wow” factor.  The baskets are made to show your kindness, your appreciation, your loving and caring wishes.


No matter the occasion or the event Designs For You Baskets promises to provide a gift basket that truly marks the occasion and is done with the utmost care and attention that is deserved.  A lovely reminder of your thoughtful gifting gesture!


Let me create your “wishes in a basket” today.

We ship anywhere in Canada and also into the USA

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